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RC Club

We believe in unity, sharing ideas and experiences. With the upcoming regulations and its provisions, we will offer a FREE subscription to our RC Club. We are in the process of preparing documentation for its registration to KCAA. 

We will also give FREE registration forms for drones in the coming weeks for those who will subscribe.

Please subscribe here to be included in our list.



we will offer exclusive marketing for any locally made drones and unique services by Kenyan Entrepreneurs


Pending Approval

Our RC Registration process will begin once the regulations have passed.


Premium Support

we will offer maintenance, upgrades and tests for drones.



we will gather the best qualified team both for maintenance and piloting, who will have to be licensed by the KCAA

Unique Stable Designs

We stride to showcase Kenya’s creativity in technology. All the drones showcased in this website are of unique features.

Browse our Gallery to experience


Designed and Built in KENYA

We believe in local talent and growing it. All the drones advertised and sold (when the regulations come out) will be STRICTLY Kenyan made.

This will help grow local developers and increase jobs by FREE marketing of their products.

About US

We are a small innovative company based in Kenya with great passion and experience in developing great drones here in Kenya.

We offer customized  solutions in a Cheap,Innovative and Intelligent way.